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Never lose your buying group discount again!

Buying group discounts are sometimes lost simply because a statement gets lost in
the shuffle or someone forgets to mail a payment before the deadline. Now there’s no
reason for that to ever happen again. With the click of a mouse you can review your
HMI statement and make payment using iDrafts Electronic Payment Services, all in
a secure environment.

Here’s how iDrafts works:

1. Go to the 7th of each month and click ‘Pay Online With iDrafts’
to login to HMI‘s secure site.

2. You can view your statement at this time or proceed directly to iDrafts by clicking
on the ‘Pay With iDrafts’ blue button above. If you choose ‘View Statement First’,
select the current statement month, review your statement, then click the ‘iDrafts Pay

3. When you click the ‘iDrafts Pay Now’ button, you will be redirected to our
secure, third-party payment processor, iDrafts Electronic Payment Services. Just
enter your banking or credit card information and click ‘Submit Payment’ to
complete your transaction. You will receive 2 confirmation e-mails: 1) iDrafts will
send you an e-mail confirming that your payment information has been submitted
and 2) We will send you a confirmation once payment has been processed and
applied to your HMI account, usually within 24 hours.

Discounts are never lost — payments are always on time.

iDrafts eliminates concern as to when payment will be received and when funds will
be withdrawn from your account — now you control both. And, if you prefer… you
can enroll in iDrafts ‘Automatic Payment’ option to have your account drafted the
same day each month. Just call 800.322.3815 to request a fax-back iDrafts AutoPay
enrollment form.

No checks to write. No payments to mail. No postage.

Since payments are automatically deducted directly from the designated account,
iDrafts also saves staff time and mailing costs — no more checks to write or
payments to mail.

Questions? Just call 800.932.3535 and ask for Shirleen Prescott.