Create A Cycle That Keeps Patients Connected To Your Business Throughout The Year

By definition, ‘engage’ means to attract or involve someone with something. It implies a level of active participation. In the eye care setting, engagement elevates a patient encounter from a passive process to one where the patient is asking questions, considering future purchases or visits and understanding that optimal eye care is more than a once-a-year touchpoint.

Three Healthy Eyes Advantage (HEA) members discuss how they succeed in creating connections with their patients and customers that result in return visits and a higher level of trust. This process starts even before the patient ever steps foot in the office through channels such as the practice’s website and social media presence, which alert viewers to whether the practice is engaging or staid. The process continues during and after the patient visit by creating a sense of excitement about the products offered and the importance of monitoring ocular health all year long. These three opportunities for engagement support the idea that taking care of the eyes, seeing well, looking good and staying informed about developments is a strategy that results in high levels of patient trust and loyalty.

Here are their stories.

Interest In Eyewear Creates A Year-Round Draw

Kara Colecchia, a board certified LDO with The Optical Factory in Largo, Florida, and an HEA National Advisory Board member, says that independent eye care professionals (IECPs) can plant seeds during every patient encounter that can produce continued engagement. In this article, she discusses ways to keep the optical looking fresh and inviting, leverage social media for enthusiasm, promote multiple-pair sales and listen intently to patient’s needs and wants to help them find solutions for their eyewear needs now and in the future. Read more

Leverage Children’s Enthusiasm To Engage Families In The Optical

Justin Manning, OD, MPH, FAAO, of Bettner Vision in Colorado Springs, Colorado, says that being the first practice in the region that is participating in the Adventure Kids Club program from HEA is exciting. Young patients are delighted by the color-changing frame and lens packages, and that excitement also educates patients of all ages about the importance of protecting their eyes against UV and other harmful light. Read more

Ocular Health Conditions Merit Additional Engagement

Dustin Krassin, OD, FAAO of Wicker Park Eye Center in Chicago, Illinois, and an HEA National Advisory Board member, works in an ophthalmology private practice where only about five percent of the patients are there for primary eye care visits. In this article, he explains how his engagement with patients, many of whom are elderly — and often their family members or other caretakers — is aided by technology to ensure that patients return for regular appointments and follow the treatment protocol to safeguard their ocular health. Read more