There’s something very exciting about being the first kid with a cool new frame, says Justin Manning, OD, MPH, FAAO, of Bettner Vision in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The practice is currently the only one in the region that is participating in the Adventure Kids Club program from HEA. While that exclusivity cannot last, it’s great for his practice and the kids; both benefit from being early adapters to something new.

“The frames change color as well as the lenses, so we have a lot of interest right off the bat from kids. Parents have never seen anything like this before either; it’s unique and new.” Adventure Kids Club, a program offered exclusively by HEA, offers IECPs a simplified solution to frame board management and bundled options, as well as the opportunity to offer families a great value by meeting all of a child’s eyewear needs — indoor and outdoor — in a single pair. The Adventure Kids Club offers frame and lens packages that include Transitions® lenses with Crizal® in a variety of UV-activated, color-changing frames and an in-office, interactive frame display.

Dr. Manning says that the optical staff benefitted from training specific to this program, which provided the opticians with a great handle on how to convey to families the value offered by this unique eyewear package. “They have a lot of fun because the kids are so enthusiastic,” he says.

In addition, HEA’s Adventure Kids Club tackles the supply chain challenge by offering a program that allows practices to keep these frames on the board; the lab acquires the frames and ships the finished eyewear fast. “A few days later, we call families to say that their child’s eyeglasses are here. That’s a big benefit to a child who is struggling to see the board at school or who is experiencing fatigue from reading. We want these children to get their vision correction as quickly as possible.”

Being able to deliver an exciting new technology, excellent products at an affordable price and a fast turnaround time creates tremendous value for the practice. “Our approach has been that the doctor creates value in the exam room with the professional services, and the opticians continue to create value by communicating the benefits of the products in the optical,” he says. “HEA’s Adventure Kids Club brings something new to the model that we already do well. It allows us to leverage our strengths in the optical.”

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