By Arian Fartash, OD

Social media is not static. It is meant to be engaging. In my live presentation at the Healthy Eyes Advantage booth at Vision Expo East, I emphasized these three ways of making social media more interactive.

Call to Action

The dictionary defines this as a piece of content intended to induce a viewer to perform a specific action, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive. For example, in the photo below I asked viewers to leave a “heart” emoji if they agreed with my statement. Not only did this post get more than 50 people leaving a heart, but it also got my followers to engage with a common interest we have: eyeglasses! When you engage effectively with your audience, you capture their attention and can also capture the attention of their friends and family. If a customer likes or comments on your post, friends and followers of that person will see that engagement, which will, in turn, create a positive cascade of effects, such as more business awareness, expanded market reach, and increased search engine optimization (SEO) and online presence.


A simple call to action generated more responses to a post.

The Video Post

This is a great way to diversify your social media pages and show your patients and future patients a more dynamic side of your business. Videos capture the attention of viewers and have a direct impact on increased optical sales and patient growth.

According to, studies have shown that 74 percent of users who watched an explainer video about a product subsequently bought the product. For example, a great video for an optical business page is one that shows and describes a new frame your office just received. The video does not need to be professionally done; in fact, by creating the video within your office, your business will shine as being authentic and relatable. So, the next time your new inventory comes in, put away the still photography and make a short video documenting what your patients can expect to see when they come in for an exam.

Interesting Eye-Related Facts

I like to think of social media as digital storytelling, so an effective way to attract the attention of your followers is to post an enticing, eye-catching photo that shares an interesting eye fact. This is a great way to educate your patients without overwhelming them with details. Soon, you will find that your followers are interested in visiting your page for eye-related education as well as for their personal eye care needs.

An example of this is the photo below I posted a pop culture photo of an eye with the words “glaucoma” above it to grab the attention of my followers. Upon visiting the photo, an interesting fact about the ocular disease is displayed. This post garnered 47 comments from my followers! I was able to capture their attention and educate them on an important topic with which they may have previously been unfamiliar.


Educate and inform in an eye-catching way.

Dr. Arian Fartash is dominating the world of social media with @glamoptometrist on Instagram as well as helping other ECPs in social media with her company GlamOptometry.