For a number of years, Vivienne Rosenbusch, OD, made sure patients could find her at VisionCare Unlimited in Boca Raton, Florida, through a Yellow Pages website. She gave that up because “it was expensive and ineffective,” she says. Although the website team had suggestions for improving it, it would have required that she invest a lot of time to create and write the content. “I found this to be a burden; this was supposed to be its area of expertise,” she says.

Then she heard about the FlexSite option from Avelient. “After just a short amount of time on the phone, which resulted in a very short list of information I needed to provide, the designers were ready to get started,” she says. Her designer provided her with a link to an image library so that she could choose the look and feel she wanted for her landing page.

From there, it was a snap. “Before I knew it, it was done, and when he sent me the finished product, I was over the moon,” she says. The website is clean, professional and easy to navigate. Everything that patients could want to learn about her practice is on there, minimizing phone calls to the front office staff for basic information.

“Now, when we want to tell patients what forms they’ll need to bring with them, I’m proud to send them to the website,” she says. The blog, updated regularly with timely and interesting stories, is another bonus feature that adds to the vibrancy of her site without effort from her. “The FlexSite designers are very approachable and a pleasure to work with,” she says.


Dr. Rosenbusch is pleased
to be able to steer patients to
a dynamic, informative
and great-looking website.

She anticipates that the new website will help her attract new patients, too. The site pulls in review comments from patients, adding yet another engaging element. The expert team at FlexSite ensures that her content includes frequently searched terms so that her website will continue to climb to the top of searches. “I’m happy that I have a professional-looking website that I can steer my patients to and one where new patients can find me,” she says.

Mark Sabre, OD, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, made a switch away from local web designers because he could see that the FlexSite team understood eye care and the eye care patient. An eye care professional’s site has different demands than do many other businesses, he says. “FlexSite handles both the eye care elements and back-end web functionality” that contribute to a better patient experience, Dr. Sabre says. Mariano DiFabio, one of the partners at Avelient, notes that the company’s customer service is all about continuous improvement. “We don’t just drop communication once the website is set up. We want customers to know that we are here for them, and we continually update the system, introducing technical process improvements {while preserving website content} to make our customers’ websites function better and to deliver an optimal experience to the end-user.”

Those kinds of updates allowed Dr. Sabre’s practice to add a patient portal to its website last year. Now patients can log in and view their charts, request records and pay bills on the website, all in a HIPAA-secure environment. “With all of the HIPAA privacy concerns, it’s nice to have two-way communication that is secure and simple,” Dr. Sabre says.

Web-based marketing has taken on an increasingly important role, and patients and customers expect websites to look good, be current and take advantage of all the features. “A significant percentage of patients will select an office after looking at the website to get some sort of feel for the practice. Existing patients seek out websites from time to time, too,” he says.


Dr. Sabre applauds
the responsive team that
helps him keep his
website updated.

Dr. Sabre can still log into his FlexSite website if he wants to make some adjustments or customization on his own, but it’s wonderful to know that he doesn’t need to, he says. “Depending on their comfort level, practitioners can get as involved as they like,” says Dr. Sabre.

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